Who We Are

Culture Mapping San Diego was conceived by Angie Chandler and inspired by the culture workers and researchers doing mapping projects across the globe.
Andrea "Angie" Chandler - Creative Strategist Lead (@theArtLovingAries)Email abitofbrownsugar@gmail.com for consultations and questions.
The project was brought to life in collaboration with Jordan Hayles.Community Partner and Data Drop Designer- (@_jordanhayles)
Project Support and Consultation also provided by Laura Zablit and Ramel J Wallace

Andrea “Angie” Chandler is a curator, writer, and cultural arts strategist from Brooklyn, New York. In Brooklyn, I received both my love of the arts as well as my B.A. in Education and History from Brooklyn College. A 1st generation American, I draw inspiration from my Jamaican and Panamanian heritage to inspire my work and the centering of global perspectives. My time as an educator continues to fuel my work related to socially engaged art, advocacy, arts equity. As an arts administrator, I've worked in a variety of spaces, increasing community engagement, curating innovative programming, and introducing new voices to institutions. I take great joy in creating opportunities for both artists and communities to engage in the arts in a meaningful way. I currently spend my time on the team of the Balboa Art Conservation Center while working as an independent writer, consultant, and curator based in Southern California.

Read more of Angie's writings here- https://linktr.ee/theartlovingaries

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Jordan Hayles is multi-disciplinary visual/performing artist in San Diego, California. She works as thought partner and speaker to bring intellectual- creativity & visionary art into conferences & cultural projects. She is dedicated to spreading ideas & inspiring change globally as well as working collectively to build forward-thinking/acting cultures. Jordan has recently launched an educational foundation, The Jordan Scholar, dedicated to building an alternative education universe. You can connect with Jordan online at www.jordanhayles.com